Benefits of using Yanmar fuel filter 119802-55801

Yanmar fuel filter 119802-55801

The engine is the heart of a vehicle. If someone wants their vehicle to run smoothly, they should care for their engine well. There are many steps you can follow to improve the efficiency and life of your engine parts. One of the best ways to increase the life of your engine is to add a high-quality fuel filter in your vehicle. Fuel filters have a very unique function in maximizing the performance of the engine. A good fuel filter will prevent the dirt and water molecules from entering the engine. If dirt or water will go inside the engine with the fuel, it can choke the whole engine. This can lead to damage to your vehicle’s engine. The Yanmar fuel filter 119802-55801 is one of  the best in the market. One of the best filters you can get for your vehicle is the Yanmar fuel-filter. There are a lot of benefits associated with this fuel filter and some of them are given here.

High-density filter paper

Filter paper density is the most important aspect of a fuel filter. In Yanmar fuel-filter 119802-55801, the fuel paper with microfiber design is used. The microfiber design is a special filtration paper that can remove many foreign particles up to even a microgram. This will provide full protection to your engine in the long run. Other fuel filter papers will not stop such small particles so these particles which are up to a microgram can enter the system and choke the system eventually.

Yanmar fuel filter 119802-55801 Water flow repulsion

Water flow repulsion is one of the main features of Yanmar fuel-filter 119802-55801 because water is the most notorious part of the fuel consumption system. Water molecules can go inside the engine and produce rust there. This can significantly decrease the life of the engine. This fuel filter can repel these molecules because of its special structure and prevent the rust damage to the engine.

Long service life

An optimum fuel filter must be able to keep a high filtration efficiency for a long time. This means that the filtration system should good not clog during the whole life. When compared with other fuel filters, Yanmar fuel filters have higher filtration efficiency and lower clogging tenancy. This filter can run up to 800 hours with full filtration efficiency. Always check the life expectancy of the fuel filter on the label of the product so you can know when it is ideal to replace the filter.

Better fuel consumption

Yanmar fuel filter avoids degradation of the engine fuel system. This is especially important for vehicles with a fuel injection system because these vehicles are prone to moisture and dust damage more than the regular fuel system. So these fuel filters will prevent the fuel consumption system to increase the efficiency of your vehicle.


We can conclude that Yanmar fuel filter 119802-55801 has a high filter paper density with moisture repelling properties. It also has the capability of preventing damage to the fuel consumption system and has a long life. This makes this fuel filter ideal for your vehicle because others will not provide all these benefits in one product. Order online from Power Tool Outfitters.