Briggs & Stratton magneto-coil

Briggs & Stratton magneto-coil

Workings of the Briggs & Stratton magneto-coil

Magneto coil is one of the most amazing technologies that positively impacted modern machines. It started as an electricity provider for small machines. Now, these are even used in planes in case of any electrical fault. As they work by giving mechanical energy into electrical energy on the highest voltage. They can be used as a backup in case of failure of the digital electrical system.

The idea behind a Briggs & Stratton magneto-coil

Magneto coil has a magnetic system and a coil. The mechanical force is used to rotate the mechanism. Once this mechanism is rotated, it will start producing electrical impulses. The Magneto coil should be able to produce up to 20000 volts when required. This will create an electrical impulse that can jump from one location to another and create a system that can run the required electrical system. A good Magneto coil should be able to produce this voltage for a long period. You should buy the best type of Magneto coil which can produce this voltage for a longer period. One of the best Magneto coils is called Briggs & Stratton magneto-coil. This type will run for a long time without the need for replacements.

Magneto coil parts

Normally, there are two main parts of the magnetic coil. One part is the Magneto side another part is the coil side. The main armature is u shaped and directed toward the flywheel. There is one primary coil in it that has thick wires and it is revolved around a leg of the Magneto. There is another coil which is is revolved around the main coil. The main coil has very few turns as compared to this coil. There is also a strong magnet that should be a permanent type in the flywheel. Types of magnet used are really important because the magnet is the main object which is going to produce the voltage. If the magnet is weak, good voltage is not produced and it will not generate the right type of spark. You should buy a good Magneto-coil like the Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil because they have the best type of magnet. They will run for a long time and this way you will not have to replace the Magneto coil often.

Replaceable parts

You should buy a Magneto-coil which you can repair by replacing parts. The magneto coil should not be weak because it can shatter away and become unrepairable. Good Magneto-coil can be repaired. You can switch off your machine disassemble and replace the small part of Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil rather than replacing the full assembly. You can buy Oregon Part 33-341 from Power Tool Outfitters and repair the damage.


It is easy to understand the mechanism of the magneto coil and they are really useful in different machines. When you are buying a Magneto coil, you should try to get the best one to avoid any premature replacements and increase the costs. Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil is a good choice because it is not scattered easily and parts can be replaced when needed.