Briggs & Stratton Magneto Coil vs Battery system

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There are some differences in the magneto coil system and the battery system. There are many aspects by which Magneto coil systems are better. Some of the aspects are given here,

Required hardware

As the name suggests that the battery ignition system requires a battery to start the ignition system. In the Magneto coil ignition system, the ignition is not done by the battery but rather Magneto coil will produce its electricity by the coil electric generator system.

Starting difficulty

It is very difficult to restart your machine once the battery is discharged. A discharged battery will require a lot of time to get recharged and it will cause delays for your machine to start and run. In contrast to that, there is no such problem in the Magneto coil system. This is because the Magneto coil system does not require a battery and it does not get discharged even if it is kept for a longer period.

Oregon 33-347 coil replacement for Briggs & Stratton Maintenance

A battery ignition system for the electronic ignition system requires a lot of maintenance because a battery contains liquid and it can get damaged easily while the Magneto coil system requires very little maintenance because of its solid-state. A Oregon 33-347 coil replacement for Briggs & Stratton is one of the best examples as it requires less maintenance during the whole lifetime.

Spark quality

Spark is a really important parameter in the ignition system. A battery-operated ignition system will produce a low-quality Spark on a normal basis. Magneto coil systems usually produce a better quality spark. Once the machine is running the battery-operated system will start to decrease the intensity of spark because more power will be required to run the system. This spark which is produced by the Magneto coil system increases and goes to a high-intensity level once the system is working at full speed. This is because this system will rotate the Magneto so it can produce a high-intensity spark. This means that more speed the vehicle or machine gains more intensified spark of high quality will be produced by the Oregon 33-347 coil replacement for Briggs & Stratton.

Types of vehicles

The battery-operated ignition system is used commonly in light vehicles. This kind of ignition system is not that complicated so commercial vehicle producers can purchase these easily. The Magneto coil ignition system is mainly used in two-wheelers, lawnmowers, and high-speed vehicles like racing cars. This is because we require higher spark intensity at higher speeds but the battery ignition system decreases the spark intensity at a higher speed.

Cost of the system

Cost is a really important parameter in the ignition systems. when we are using the ignition system at a small scale battery operated ignition system will increase the cost of production. The battery-based ignition system has two ways of increasing cost. One is simply by price other is the cost of repairing and recharging the battery system when it is discharged. Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil is cheap to acquire because of the low price. They also have a longer life so they require fewer replacements and repairs. These Magneto coil systems come in parts so you can also buy parts for that like Oregon 33-347 coil replacement can be bought online at Power Tool Outfitters, which can further reduce the cost in the long run.