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Yanmar Tractor Maintenance Kit – KIT-SA001 for SA221, SA324, SA424


This maintenance kit services:

  • SA001
  • SA221
  • SA324
  • SA424

Find out more about Yanmar Maintenance Kits.

Oil Filter

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In stock

Fuel Separator

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Trans. Fluid Filter

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Air Filter

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HST fluid Filter

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Oil SAE 1540 × 4

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In stock

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Services SA221, SA324, SA424

With expertly designed choices, the YANMAR Maintenance Kit is the best way to keep your construction or agricultural machines operating in peak condition. Each kit contains everything you will need to perform routine, easy maintenance. Every YANMAR Maintenance Kit contains only Genuine parts, including filters for oil, air, and fuel, as well as YANMAR Engine Oil. It may also contain specialized parts based on the machine model, to ensure the best operation of your YANMAR machine.

Kit Contains

Engine Oil Filter
Fuel Separator
Trans. Fluid Filter
Air Filter
HST Fluid Filter Outer
Engine Oil 15W40QT(x4)

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