Yanmar Excavator Maintenance KIT-SV001


This maintenance kit services:

  • Models: SV08-1 SV08-1A

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Bundle Contents

Placeholder 1 165000-15360 Oil Filter

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Yanmar 165000-15360 Filter
Placeholder 1 124550-55700 Fuel Filter

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Yanmar 124550-55700 Fuel Filter
1 24311-000440 O-Rings

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Yanmar 24311-000440 O-Ring
1 172156-73710 HST Filter

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Yanmar 172156-73710 Filter
1 119655-12560-12 Air Filter

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Yanmar 119655-12560-12 Filter, 119655-12560
8 41540 Oil

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Yanmar SAE 15W40 High Performance Diesel Engine Oil 41540


Services KIT-SV001

Every YANMAR Maintenance Kit contains only Genuine parts, including filters for oil, air, and fuel, as well as YANMAR Engine Oil. It may also contain specialized parts based on the machine model, to ensure the best operation of your YANMAR machine. With expertly designed choices, the YANMAR Maintenance Kit is the best way to keep your construction or agricultural machines operating in peak condition. Each kit contains everything you will need to perform routine, easy maintenance.

Kit includes:

Engine Oil Filter
Fuel Filter
Hydraulic Return Filter
Hydraulic Return O-Ring
Air Filter
Yanmar Engine Oil 15W40QT (x8 QT)

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Yanmar 119655-12560-12 Filter, 119655-12560
Yanmar 119655-12560-12 Filter, 119655-12560SC2400, SC2450, SV001, SV08-1, SV08-1A, VIO17, VIO17AAir Filter$52.13

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sc2400 sc2450 sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1a vio17 vio17aair-filter
Yanmar Maintenance Kit
Yanmar Excavator Maintenance KIT-SV001SV001, SV08-1, SV08-1ATune-up Maintenance Kit$215.91

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1amaintenance-kit
Outdoor Power Tool Replacement Parts
Yanmar Excavator Maintenance KIT-SV001 (No Fluids)SV001, SV08-1, SV08-1ATune-up Maintenance Kit$156.86

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1amaintenance-kit
Yanmar 172156-73710 Filter
Yanmar 172156-73710 FilterSV001, SV08-1, SV08-1AHST Filter$102.16

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1ahst-filter
Yanmar 165000-15360 FilterSV001, SV08-1, SV08-1AOil Filter$44.95

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1aoil-filter
Yanmar 124550-55700 Fuel FilterSV001, SV08-1, SV08-1AFuel Filter$8.48

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1afuel-filter
Yanmar 24311-000440 O-Ring
Yanmar 24311-000440 O-RingSV001, SV08-1, SV08-1AO-Rings$3.94

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sv001 sv08-1 sv08-1ao-rings