Oregon Saw Chain, 90SG039CK 3/8, .043 Narrow Kerf 39 Drive Links


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90SG039CK 3/8″ pitch, .043 gauge 39 Drive Links

Oregon® Micro-Lite™ 90SG is made for small saws and features a chamfer-chisel cutter design that outcuts

competitive chains. 90SG cuts a narrow kerf, requiring less power from the saw than standard chains

to make the same cut. Micro-Liteâ„¢ 90SG is a low-vibration/low-kickback chain which meets both the ANSI

(U.S.) and CSA (Canadian) low-kickback requirements. This chain is ideal for homeowners or consumer

users, and is equally well suited for commercial cutters such as arborists and orchardists. Micro-Liteâ„¢

90SG is designed for use on electric saws with bars up to 16 inches (41cm), and on small gasoline-powered

saws up to 2.5 cubic inches (41cc) with bars up to 14 inches (35cm). 90SG is compatible with all existing

91-type drive sprockets, and its narrow .043-inch gauge requires the use of a Micro-Liteâ„¢ bar.



• Chamfer-chisel cutter shape

  • Outstanding performance, fast and efficient cutting
  • Excellent stay-sharp
  • Smooth feel during use, smooth cut surfaces
  • Reduces the tendency of saws to “skateâ€

• Vibe-Ban™ low-vibration design

  • Reduces the risk of vibration-related injury

• Narrow Micro-Liteâ„¢ kerf (.221â€)

  • Less power is required to make the same length of cut
  • Helps the saw cut faster

• Narrow 1.1mm (.043â€) gauge and weight-

  • Less power is required to drive the chain reducing slots in the guard tie straps
  • Lighter weight, helps minimize user fatigue*

*Micro-Liteâ„¢ bar-and-chain combinations are approximately 15% lighter than standard combinations

• Lubrilink™ tie straps and Lubriwell™ drive links

  • Improved chain and bar lubrication, helps keep oil where it’s needed, reduces volume of oil required

• Tall cutter shape, fits 4.5mm round file

  • Makes sharpening easier

• Bumper tie straps and ramped depth gauges

  • Low kickback, meets ANSI and CSA standards

• Aft position of top plates

  • Stabilizes the cutter for faster smoother cutting

• Forward-pointing spear stamped on the cutters and tie straps

  • Identifies 90SG as a low-vibration chain
  • Indicates the proper chain-cutting direction

• Witness marks on each cutter’s top plate

  • Makes it easier to hold the file at the correct angle during sharpening

• Drive links are now coined from a heavier-

  • Makes it easy to break 90SG chain from reels gauge steel than our previous 90SG and spin it into loops
  • Helps reduce stretch

Blue-label Chain. 90SG meets the low-kickback performance requirements of ANSI B175.1 (US).


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