AIR FILTER HONDA – Oregon 30-347


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Part #30-347

  • For walk-behind mowers
  • Fits models GC135, GCV135, GC160, HRR216, HRT216 and GXV57
  • Paper air filter
  • Green paper with black urethane seal
  • Length: 5-1/4″, Width: 4-1/2″, Height: 3/4″

Fit Guide

410 MODELS, EN2000 A, EN2000 AL, EN2500 AL, EN2500 AN, F220 A/A, F220 AN, EN2500 A, FG400 A1, FG500 A1, FG500 A2, GC135 PHA, GC135 PXA, GC135 QHA, GC135 QHA1, GC135 QHA2, GC135 VHA, GC135 VXA, GC135 VXP5, GC135 WKT2, GC135 WME2, GC160 PHA, GC160 PXA, GC160 QBC, GC160 QHA, GC160 QHA1, GC160 QHA2, GC160 QHAJ, GC160 VHA, GC160 VXA, GC160 WKT2, GC160 WME2, GC160A DEAF, F220K1 AT, GC160A DHAF, GC160A MHA2, GC160A PHA, GC160A QBC, GC160A QDE, GC160A QEA, GC160A QEA2, GC160A QEAF, GC160A QHA, GC160A QHA1, GC160A QHA2, GC160A QHAF, GC160A QHAJ, GC160A VHA, GC160A VXA, GC160LA DHAF, F220K1 AC, GC160LA MHA2, GC160LA QBC, GC160LA QDE, GC160LA QHA, GC160LA QHA1, GC160LA QHA2, GC160LA QHAF, GC160LA QHAJ, GC160LA QHC, GC160LA VHA, GC160LA VXA, GC160LE VXA, GC190A DHAF, GC190A MEA2, GC190A MHA2, GC190A QEA, GC190A QEA2, GC190A QEAF, GC190A QHA, GC190A QHA1, GC190A QHA2, GC190A QHAD, GC190A QHAF, GC190A VBA, GC190A VXA, GC190LA MHA2, GC190LA QHAF, GC190LA VBAF, GCV135 A1A, GCV135 A2A, GCV135 A2R, GCV160 A1A, GCV160 A2A, GCV160 A2R, GCV160 N1, GCV160 N2, GCV160 N7A1, GCV160A A1A, GCV160A A1AE, GCV160A A1AF, GCV160A A1AS, GCV160A A2A, GCV160A A2R, GCV160A A3A, GCV160A BHH, GCV160A E1A2, GCV160A E1A4, GX100 KRA2, GX100 KRA2/A, GX100 KRB, GX100 KRB/A, GX100 KRB1, GC160A MEA2, GX100 QA2, GX100 QA2/A, GX100 QAD, GX100 SA2, GX100 VA2, GX100 VA2/A, HRB216 HXA, HRB216 HXAA, HRB216 TDA, HRB216 TDAA, GX100 KRS, HRB216 TXAA, HRB217 HXA, HRB217 TDA, HRR216 PDA, HRR216 S3DA, GC160LA MHAB, HRR216K2 PDAA, HRR216K2 SDAA, HRR216K2 TDAA, HRS216 PDA, HRS216 SDA, F220 A/B, HRS216K1 PDAA, HRB216 TXA, HRS216K1 SDA, HRS216K2 PDAA, HRS216K2 SDAA, EN2500 AL/A, HRT216 S3DA, HRT216K1 PDA, HRT216K1 PDA/A, HRT216K1 PDAA, HRT216K1 PDAA/A, HRT216K1 S3DA, HRT216K1 S3DA/A, HRT216K1 SDA, HRT216K1 SDA/A, HRT216K1 SDAA, HRR216 SDA, F220 A, HRT216K1 TDAA/A, HRS216K1 SDAA, HRS216K1 PDA, HRT216K2 TDAA, F220K1 A, HRT216K1 SDAA/A, HRT216K1 TDAA, WN20 AX1, WN30 AX1, HRT216 SDA

Part Mapping

17211-ZE8-000, 17211-ZL8-000, CODE 6718159, CODE 5580402, 17211-ZL8-023, 6718159, 5580402, 17211-ZL8-003
93267, 93292


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