Gator Blade

Gator Mulcher® Blades are some of the highest quality, best-performing, and longest-lasting mulching blades on the market today. The high air-lift of each blade pulls the grass up to be cut. Then the angled teeth redirect the clippings back toward the cutting edge over and over again. The resulting finer grass clippings increase bagging capacity and promote faster decomposition for a healthier lawn.


  • Outstanding mulching and bagging
  • Improved side discharge
  • Twice the cutting length
  • Thicker and wider steel
  • Stays sharper longer

Get superior mulching performance and a better-looking lawn by choosing your gator blades below.

Gator Mulcher® G3™
The G3 is the standard  gator mulcher blade. It gives you the ability to mow faster at higher speeds than traditional mulching blades.
Gator Mulcher® G5™:
G5 blades have higher air lift and a longer cutting edge than the G3. This promotes even better mulching performance. Plus with Fusion technology, your blade stays sharp 40% longer than traditional blades.
Gator Mulcher® G6™:
G6 blades are considered the heavy-duty gator blades. The increase in thickness and width extends the life of the blade. Combine longevity, sharpness, and an extended cutting edge, you have the ultimate mulching blade.

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