Important features of Yanmar hydraulic oil filter

Yanmar hydraulic oil filter

Every Hydraulic oil filter has some features which are unique to the company. One of the most used products in the Hydraulic oil filter industry is the Yanmar hydraulic oil filter. Certain features make it better than other hydraulic oil filters. These features are given here.

Yanmar hydraulic oil filter Efficiency

A good hydraulic oil filter must maintain its efficiency above 99.9% for a long period. Many Hydraulic oil filters decrease their efficiency only within a few days of usage. This is not the case with the Yanmar oil filters. It usually comes with a warranty and it does not decrease its efficiency at less than 99.9% for a long time.

Yanmar hydraulic oil filter Filter material

One of the most unique features of this Hydraulic oil filter is the use of HV fiberglass. Fiberglass has great potential because this is a synthetic fiber material that gives the highest protection from even the smallest particles. Due to this feature, it can even stop the dust particle which is up to one micrometer. This filtration level is the same as that of the HEPA filters. Hepa filters are the highest grade filters. Hepa filters are used to produce injectable solutions. The same principle will be used for your vehicle. Even the small particles will be blocked from entering the system.

Protection from the harsh environment

Three main things can damage the Hydraulic oil filter. One is the water and the second is the heat. Yanmar Hydraulic oil filter 198119-48310 is protected from these hazards. The material used in this filter is moisture-proof. Moisture cannot go inside the oil filter and it will not let the moisture pass from the machine oil because water can damage the machine also. It is also waterproof because the packing on the filter cartridge is so magnificent that it will not let any water vapors to reach the cartridge. The material used to make this hydraulic filter is non-flammable. Even if a fire erupts, the filter will not catch fire but rather it will not be damaged by overheating. This way we can say that whatever climate you have in your area this filter can easily adjust to that. If you have dust in your area, this filter will be ideal to use.

Filter anatomy

First, there is an outside stainless steel tank. This will prevent any damage to the inside cartridge system. Inside the steel tank, there is a stainless steel tube with holes in it. Around the tube is there is an HV filter paper adjusted in a way that no dust particle or moisture can pass through it. Even the spring which is holding the cartridge inside the tube is made up of stainless steel to avoid rusting. This hydraulic filter will fit in many vehicles that have the same part sa221-sa324-sa424-ex3200. This filter weighs 3 kg normally.


We can conclude that with HV filter papers and a stainless steel body, this hydraulic oil filter will not decrease its efficiency for a long period as claimed by the manufacturers. Choosing a Yanmar hydraulic oil filter from Power Tool Outfitters will increase the efficiency of your vehicle and decrease repair costs.