Honda tru-cut c27 reel-mower is durable and well designed

Honda tru-cut c27

A well maintained lawn enhances the appearance and value of a property. Lawn mowing is time consuming and tedious. So home owners are looking for a high quality reel mower so that they can mow their lawn quickly and professionally. The Honda tru-cut c27-commercial-reel-mower is a high quality reel mower which helps the user mow the lawns professionally. The cutting width of the mower is large, so a larger amount of grass can be cut at a time, and it is easier to finish mowing the lawn quickly. Some of the features of this reel mower are discussed, for those who wish to purchase a mower.

One of the main advantages of using the Honda tru-cut c27 reel mower, is that it is easy to use it for mowing the lawn. The user can adjust the lawn mowing speed as required, moving at full speed, or at a low speed by adjusting the pressure on the left button using the thumb. The mower has a wheel drive system with independent drive for wheels. The dual clutches are similar to those used in automotive applications. It is possible to drive the mower up loading ramps without having the reels turn, for ease of use and safety. The maximum speed of the mower is approximately two hundred and fifty feet per minute

The casters are of dual shore type, can be easily maneuvered in the direction required and carry a large load. The solid casters can be easily swiveled. For use on hills, and long straight areas, the casters can be locked so that they move in one direction only. The mower uses bronze bearings and gears made from steel in the differential for greater durability and reliability. The rotating shafts have ball bearings for ease of movement. The clutch plates are also made from steel. The reel mower has a plastic catcher which is designed for withstanding high impact.

There is a provision for adjusting the height of the mower knife as required depending on the grass height. For the low cut position, the height varies from 3/8″ minimum to 1 5/8″ maximum, while for the high cut position, the height varies from 1″ minimum to 2 1/4 ” maximum. The reel mower has a 27 inch cut, and a reel with seven blades which are precisely ground. The bed knife assembly consists of two pieces. The bed knife and reel are made from high strength steel for greater durability. This reduces the damage to the reel and also the sharpening required. The cutter bar of the mower is removable.

The Honda tru-cut c27 reel mover is powered by Honda engine rated at 5.5 HP from the GX series for greater reliability. The engine can be easily started and is of high quality. The mower is designed for continuous use with excellent traction. The weight of the mower is distributed evenly for greater stability. The frame of the mower is made of steel welded together, for greater durability and reliability. The drive uses chain and sprocket for lower maintenance, no belts have to be adjusted or replaced. The Honda mower is well designed and all the controls can be easily accessed by the operator using the mower. The low maintenance reel mower is very durable, making it good value for money

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