Briggs & Stratton Magneto coil advantages


Magneto coils are used in many places. These coils are used in some small machines like lawnmowers and chainsaws.  They are also used in some larger vehicles like bikes and planes. There are certain advantages of the Magneto coil system when it is used as an ignition system. Here are some of the benefits of using Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil.

Low maintenance requirement

Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil is famous for its long-lasting use. Magneto coils will stay intact even in the harsh environment. If you are using a battery system, you will have to continuously refill the water in the battery and you will have to care about the acid level in the battery. When you are using a magnetic system, you can easily stay away from these problems as it is a solid system that requires very little maintenance.

No need for a recharge

Magneto coil does not require an external source to get it charged. Instead of getting it charged, it is used instantly whenever required. It is a mechanical system rather than an electrical system so there is very little chance of failure. This is the main reason why planes have Magneto coil systems in addition to the battery-operated system. Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil is more reliable because it does not require after recharging when required.

Briggs & Stratton Magneto coil Repair-ability

Magneto coils are not like other electronic systems which once damaged, they have to be replaced fully. The Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil. comes in parts and if one part of the system is damaged then you can purchase the new part and replace the old part with that. The only thing which may force you to replace the full Magneto coil system is the shuttering of the entire system. So you must bring The Right type of Magneto coil system like Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil to avoid this problem. Usually, the electric ignition system gets damaged in some magneto coils. This part comes at a higher cost for the normal magneto coil systems. For the Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil the electronic Ignition Oregon 33-344 is easily and cheaply available online. The main advantage is the parts are easy to find and easy to replace in the magneto coil system.

Space requirement

Magneto coil does not require a large space to perform its functions. This is the reason why Magneto coil is preferred for small machines like the chainsaws and lawnmowers. They will occupy very little space when compared to the battery ignition system. The latest Magneto coil systems are so compact that you can even hold the systems in your hand. The Briggs & Stratton Magneto-coil is one of the examples of compact Magneto coil systems.

High efficiency Briggs & Stratton Magneto coil

Someone might consider that the Magneto coil is a manual system so it may reduce the efficiency of the machine. This is far from true as the Magneto system will improve the efficiency of the entire vehicle or entire machine because it has high-intensity spark. High-intensity Spark contributes to a good flow of ignition current which in turn allows the system to run for a longer time when compared to the battery system.

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